Beauty and Hope in the 21st Century

by andrew sigler


Alquimia by Piero Pierini

My publisher, Nikolas Sideris, is putting together a project pairing composers with visual artists from around the world. The project is entitled “Beauty and Hope in the 21st Century” and will result in concerts featuring the works, a CD, a DVD, and an accompanying book containing the artworks and musical scores.The image above is the one I’ve chosen to work with. It’s a wonderfully whimsical work, and I’ve enjoyed using it as a touchstone while composing my piano piece of the same name.

Nikolas has put together a Kickstarter page as one of several ways to raise awareness of the project, and the link in the highlighted title above will take you to a short video of Nikolas describing the project.

 I hope you’ll visit the page and consider supporting it!