Commercial Music

Video Game Music

Fun and quirky theme for the game Box Macabre

 Level Three – Box Macabre

 Final Boss Battle Music – Box Macabre

 Re-imagined 8-bit version of the main theme – Box Macabre

New Orleans inspired theme – Headstone Harry

 Bonus Round… Extra points for everyone! – Headstone Harry



Guitar driven main theme – Blade Of Betrayal

Level Two  – Blade of Betrayal


Boss Battle  – Blade of Betrayal



Ok, this one is not a video game…

I did some horn and clarinet parts for the tune Little Ditty, which was written by my buddy Fred Northup for his daughter.  It was recorded by Chris Ballew (of the Presidents of the United States of America) whose band Casper Babypants plays all over the Northwest for all the little  kiddlywinks. This album also features Nirvana bassist Chris Novoselic.

Stylized Music Demos

PredatorsWell, you probably need the big guns…

Run For Your Life – Clearly those guns didn’t work…


Dancing At Night – Relax, they won’t find you in here.


Eureka! – Apparently the dancing worked!