Concert Music

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finding the air up there (2013)

violin and piano – 6′

Suzanne and Lee Ettelson Composer’s Award – Winner

Foundation For Modern Music – Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers – Second Prize, Professional Division

The American Prize – Chamber Music Competition – Semi-Finalist, Professional Division

Concert of Millennials – Call for Scores Winner

Terminus Ensemble – Call for Scores Winner

TUTTI Festival of New Music – Call for Scores Winner

SCI 50th Anniversary Conference / Florida Contemporary Music Festival – Call for Scores Winner

Compositum Musicae Novae – Call for Scores Winner

Bold City Contemporary Ensemble – Call for Scores Winner

Jacana (2015)

viola and percussion – 5′

(also available for violin and percussion)


Ralph Farris and Ron Coulter

2017 TUTTI Festival

Performances at the University of Tennessee and the University of South Carolina

Indiana State University Contemporary Music Festival – Music Now – Call For Scores Winner

Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble – Call For Scores Winner

Parenthetical (2016)

fixed media – 2.5′

2016 Electroacoustic Barn Dance

Alquimia (2014)

piano – 4′

Myrto Akrivou, piano

Available on Beauty and Hope in the 21st Century through Editions Musica Ferrum.

Review by Deborah Rambo Sinn from Playing Beyond the Notes

NACUSA 2016 National Conference – chosen for performance

University of Tennessee – Igor Lipinsky

Citizens Band (2016)

Brass Quintet – 2′

University of Tennessee Faculty Brass Quintet

Cathy Leach, Elise Armstrong, Katie Johnson, Alex van Duuren, Alexander Lapins

Performances at the University of Tennessee, Auburn University, the University of Georgia, and the International Brass Symposium at the University of Florida.

mare’s tail above still water (2015)

clarinet, violin, piano – 8′

Imaginary Choreography (2012)

violin, cello, piano – 13′

Yuki Numata, Joshua Gordon, Molly Morkoski – Wellesley Composers Conference and Chamber Music Center – Jewett Auditorium, July 2012

I – dance with the one that brung ya… (excerpt)

II – Moonstruck (excerpt)

III – Pirouette (excerpt)

Foundation For Modern Music – Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers – Third Prize, Professional Division

Earplay Donald Aird Composers Competition – Finalist

After the Sheepdog Trials (2015)

violin, piano – 5′

Sparrows Jump Nine Sandpipers  (2009) 

flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano – 14′

Claire Grooms, Connor O’Meara, Rachel Shapiro, Alan Richardson, Charlie Magnone (UT New Music Ensemble) – Bates Recital Hall – May 2011

(complete work)

I – Quicksilver

II – Freely Breathing

III – In a State

The American Prize – Chamber Music Competition – Finalist, Professional Division

Oregon Bach Festival – Living Composers Series

Washington Composers Forum/Simple Measures Chamber Ensemble – Call For Scores Winner

New Music Conflagration – Call for Scores Winner

College Music Society – Call for Scores Winner

Stompbox Reflection (2011)

string quartet – 4′

Waltham Philharmonic – 3rd Sundays Concert Series – Call for Scores Winner

Golden Hornet Project – String Quartet Smackdown! – Finalist

Blanton Museum Soundspace: Post-Classical

Treetops (2012)

flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon – 4′

Blanton Museum Soundspace: Post-Classical

Familiar Songs (2010)

mezzo-soprano, piano – 16′

Liz Cass, Cynthia Wilson – Salvage Vanguard Theater – February 23, 2013

complete cycle

I. Feeding

II. Parishes and the Perished

III. Wonderland

IV. each late afternoon

V. an old wooden chair

Four Movements for Flute, Viola, and Piano (2007)

flute, viola, piano – 20′





NACUSA 2010 National Conference – chosen for performance

Lark Spring Rounds (2008)

oboe, bassoon, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, contrabass – 8′

Music for wind quartet, violin, and percussion (2006)

flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, violin, percussion – 15′

I – Scattered Animals

II – Berceuse

III – Chas – Groove Enclosure

the child runs, falls, and rises (2006)

chamber orchestra – 7′

Coolhunter (2007)

orchestra – 6′