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SOLI Chamber Ensemble: 20 years of New Music in San Antonio

SOLI chamber ensemble. Photo by Jason Murgo

SOLI chamber ensemble. Photo by Jason Murgo

SOLI is 20 folks, but you could never tell by looking at ’em!

New Music Conflagration performs “Sparrows Jump Nine Sandpipers”

If you’re in or around St. Petersburg, Florida tomorrow, consider checking out the New Music Conflagration performing a number of exciting works including my Sparrows Jump Nine Sandpipers for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano.

River Oaks Chamber Orchestra

River Oaks Chamber Orchestra

River Oaks Chamber Orchestra

Founder of River Oaks Chamber Orchestra Alecia Lawyer filled me in on commissions, development, outreach, and the future of the ensemble.

Opera News: Death and the Powers

operanewslogoBlue NEW Records

Pretty excited that my review of Death and the Powers is in this month’s Opera News!

Mozart Requiem: Undead

Requiem WEB

Graham Reynolds, Peter Stopchinski and Brent Baldwin worked their magic on this one!



Dr. Sigler

BSOM_logoI happy to report that I successfully defended my dissertation and am now officially Dr. Sigler.

Fast Fo(u)rward Austin

Fast Forward Orchestra - photo by Steve Sachse

Fast Forward Orchestra – photo by Steve Sachse

Fast Forward Austin is back!

Conspirare’s Moving Light

Conspirare Symphonic Choir - Photo by Danny Brod

Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett have been honored as the Official Texas State Musician of the Year in the past, but last year’s honoree was Conspirare founder and artistic director Craig Hella Johnson. There’s a very good reason for that.

Brooklyn in Austin’s House

copland WEB

The second installment in my Brooklyn Rider coverage as well as the skinny on the recent “Copland and Mexico” goings-on in Austin.

SXNY – The Big Apple heads to Austin

Rider4_cSarahSmall WEB

I’ve got a new story up covering the recent Jace Clayton and Brooklyn Rider shows!

Emily Manzo and Jace Clayton WEB


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